Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Family Reads my Blog

When I started writing this blog, I didn't have any intention of creating a "fan base." I didn't know that people would actually come back to read this darn thing every day. But they do, and it's great knowing that people want to read my thoughts and sometimes comment on them. I'm still not sure how I feel about having family members read this though. It's pretty weird.

When I blog something, I know that it's available for anyone to read. Sure, it'd be sweet to have complete control over readership, but then I'd be missing out on strangers stumbling by and experiencing something perhaps new and different. It feels kind of... odd, though, to know that my Grandma will wake up tomorrow morning and check my blog to see what I've posted. My mom might stop by and read while on a break at work. My sister will check five times tomorrow at random times all the while knowing I only update once a day (this cracks me up). Perhaps a cousin or an aunt will read. I don't know. But anything I've written about my life is here for the reading.

Knowing that family reads my blog does impact what I write. It's not that I have anything to hide, certainly not. If there's something I wouldn't want family to know, then I surely don't want anyone else to know, right? If my family didn't read this or know about it, I wonder how my writing would be different. Maybe I'd swear more. Maybe I'd write more about them and how even though my family is all crazy, they're all wonderful (hi!). Who knows...

I write a blog. My family reads it. My dad even found it by accident once searching for something on Google. Guess the secrets are coming out... oh well.

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Amanda said...

I've wondered this very same thing recently as I found out that my aunts and uncles are reading my blog (my mom is internet challenged). I gave out my blog address before I left for France and I definitely have noticed that I censor myself a lot more now that my professors and people in the administration at my college read it. I don't really regret giving them the address and the couple extra seconds of reflection before hitting "post" are probably good for me, but it's definitely not exactly what I expected when I started it oh so long ago.

PS - great pictures in the earlier post(s)!