Sunday, June 08, 2008

Review of Corvallis restaurant Strega (oh, and the Best "First" Date EVER)

First, the review:

My boyfriend took me to Strega for our "first date" last night (more about why later). He made reservations online (not sure where or how) so we didn't wait at all. He and I are both very picky eaters and neither of us like to try new places often, but on the recommendation of our friends, he picked the place and I put my trust in him. At first glance, the menu is confusing. There are no "appetizers" and "main courses" sections. The restaurant specializes in small courses called tapas which range from $5 to $10. Slightly larger portions range up to about $20, and the largest portions (which are decent entrée sized plates) run about $20 to $30. Being picky, we both bet on chicken dishes. I think he tried some kind of pastrami or pancetta tapas and had the tandoori chicken as a second plate. I went with the larger plate of balsamic chicken with yukon gold potatoes and radicchio. Let me say now, for the record, that Strega has the most amazing fine food I've eaten. Potatoes should not taste that good. The chicken was perfect. I even went after the radicchio for a bit before deciding that weird cabbage stuff is still beyond me (tasted goodish, but I'm just not interested in limp purple lettuce). I give Strega a 9 out of 10, losing 1/2 a point for noise and 1/2 a point for not having a decent website up and running yet (hey, I'm making the rules here). I'll definitely be returning as soon as my budget allows.

So the second part of this post might get a little gushy. If you were here for the restaurant review, you can stop reading now. If you're really interested in my love life, though, keep reading!

Even though we've been dating several weeks and have known each other for almost a year, we've never "officially" gone out on a date. I've cooked for him, and we've eaten out before dancing and such, but none of those times were classified as a date. So technically last night was our first date. After a wonderful dinner, we came back to my apartment where my boyfriend surprised me with a super-cool activity: Legos! He bought us each a set to put together, a helicopter for himself and a catapult set for me. I know I'm goofy, and you probably don't understand how awesome that kind of activity is, but it was perfect. Last weekend, we were in a Lego store, and we were both little kids again. This weekend, he brought that back, and we assembled our projects and had a great time. I'm pretty sure a catapult is the best substitute for flowers ever.

As for the rest of the date, well, there isn't much to say: we watched a movie, and I fell asleep with my head in his lap, perfectly content. I could continue gushing about him, but I don't want to brag. Or swell his ego. Even though he's amazing. Ok, I'll stop. :)

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Anonymous said...

cute. and legos will ALWAYS be awesome... no matter what!

and i'm not sure the catapult is as good as a substitute as legos are for a flower. i mean, i'm sure that's what you meant... but you should have said legos are a better substitute... eh?