Thursday, June 19, 2008

Too Much STUFF

I knew I had a ton of stuff when I moved out of my parents' house last summer. My books alone take an entire truck to haul, not to mention ordinary furniture, a closet full of clothes, and those other household necessities. I'm kind of a pack-rat, too, though I give stuff away and recycle without much stress. Lately, though, I feel like I just have too much stuff.

My stuff all has a place, and I don't have much of that knick-knacky crap, so I feel like it's all good stuff. I don't really use all my stuff, and I don't really need much of it anyway. Tonight's plan: put stuff in piles. I'm going to try to get through my bedroom closet and the hall closet. I'm getting rid of STUFF. It will be garage-saled this weekend, and anything I don't sell will be donated. This stuff isn't coming back.

I'm taking over my own closet one box at a time. Bring! it! on!

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MissKris said...

You! go! girl! I know EXACTLY what you mean. Just try working your way thru 30 years' of marriage worth of stuff! I did that back in 2004 when I lost my job with the schools. I took an entire summer and went thru our basement. We had boxes of stuff down in the dark nether regions that had made it thru 8 moves and hadn't been opened since they'd been boxed up on their way to the second place we lived in, ha! And now, 4 years later??? You'd never know I'd ever purged and sorted and towed junk to the dump and Goodwill. The culprit is my Dear Hubby. That man collects stuff like wood floors collect dust bunnies. So good luck to you...may YOURS stay stuff-free!!!