Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Just Not That Into Yogurt

I tried, believe me, I tried. Food should not taste that bad.

After doing some research online, I realized I might need to start eating yogurt for it's supposed health benefits. I don't drink milk, and cheese disagrees with my gut, so I don't have a steady source of calcium. Green veggies are great, but I can only eat so much broccoli, spinach, and kale before I sprout leaves myself.

I looked into the different brands of yogurt to see which had the best benefits with the least amount of sugar. I also wanted to find a brand that doesn't have chunks or pieces of fruit in it. That's the other thing: I only eat three or four fruits, and I only like them raw and unadulterated. Even worse, the fruits I do like don't make for good yogurt flavors apparently. I love apples and watermelon, kiwi fruit and grapes. I will also eat bananas and strawberries. Sure, every brand of yogurt comes in strawberry flavor, but they all contain bits of strawberries (which is gross).

Yoplait's whipped yogurt was my first trial. Zero chunks, but it has the funkiest texture ever for yogurt. It wasn't bad... I'd eat it again if I have to. Lucerne Light strawberry-banana was pretty nasty with the strawberry pieces and almost no banana flavor. Yoplait's strawberry cheesecake wasn't much better. The cheesecake flavor covered up the nasty yogurt tang nicely, but again, chunks and bits of strawberry killed it for me. Fred Meyer makes yogurt smoothies (which, like most yogurts, has pieces of fruit), and the smoothies taste horribly. It's more like thin (reject) yogurt instead of a smoothie. I still have three different kinds in my fridge to try: a key lime, a vanilla, and another whipped strawberry. If nothing else, I can put frosted flakes in the yogurt and choke the rest down.

The health "benefits" of yogurt are due to the cultures in it. I found that I can buy the same cultures in pill form at the grocery store, so even if I'm not sold on yogurt, my gut flora will be great! I've been taking Viactiv calcium chews for a long time (because chocolate-flavored calcium and vitamins are awesome), so I guess I don't need the yogurt quite as much. At least I can go out saying I really gave it a shot.


Michael Faris said...

If you're looking for other sources of calcium:

calcium fortified soymilk, rice milk, or almond milk. If you don't like milk anyway, this might not do you any good, but the vanilla flavored almond milk is awesome (and I hate milk!).

calcium fortified orange juice

soybeans (edamame)

tahini (which you could put on lots of stuff, but is also in hummus)

almond butter (a great substitute for peanut butter)

tempeh (delicious if cooked right; bland as hell if not)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the chunks. Dannon's la Creme was the first yogurt I was able to tolerate, but now I eat Tillamook. Maybe you should check out the Co-Op for drinkable bacteria. Perhaps it would mix in well with things you already drink?