Monday, July 14, 2008

It's not THAT bad... really!

When I was little, I thought people who had allergies were mutants. They were freaks who produced too much snot and sneezed all the time. They were always identifiable by their kleenex box and red nose in the late springtime. I loathed these diseased people. As luck would have it, now I am tormented with the slimey grossness that is allergies.

Isn't it funny how we develop these preconceived ideas about a particular affliction? For one reason or another, we think of something as being much worse than it actually is. Chicken pox is a good example: it's awful to experience, and yes, it can have some bad side effects, but in reality, it's rarely deadly. It's not that bad. At least pox sufferers don't turn into chickens!

Athlete's foot is another icky thing to deal with. It hurts, it itches, it burns, and it makes you think cutting off your feet would be a much better solution than waiting for the anti-fungal medication to work (or so I'm told). But, like chicken pox, it's not likely to kill you.

And yes, I do realize that any disease can be deadly under the right conditions, so don't think I'm being unrealistic. I know people have died from seemingly harmless cuts on their finger. What I'm also saying is that we've all had cuts on our fingers, too, and we're obviously still tickin'. I don't want to belittle the lives of those who died. I'm just giving examples.

When I come down with a cold or the flu or some other nasty bug that makes me think staying in my nice, warm, clean bed would be better than slaving away at work, I sometimes reflect on the many diseases I'm not likely to face. Thank God most of the really bad stuff isn't part of our daily lives.

As an Oregonian, I'm not likely to ever contract:
Measles, Mumps, or Rubella (thanks to my immunizations)
Diphtheria or Polio (again, shots as a child)
Dysentery (I know you just went all Oregon Trail there, didn't you?).
Bubonic Plague
Tuberculosis (it's around, but not too prevalent)

Well, now, wasn't that an uplifting post for a Monday? Aren't you happy to be alive now?

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Anonymous said...

That first paragraph is funny.
I keep meaning to buy stock in Kleenex.