Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jaggy's First Wedding Dress

I know that title is going to throw a lot of people, but I can explain. *cue music, awkward silence* No, I'm not getting married (yet). No rings on my fingers, no boys on their knees, and I'm not hearing wedding bells in my head (much).

Yesterday, Rachel and I went up to Emily's bridal shower. The shower was nice, and it was great to have the three of us united again. We talked, ate, and gifted before heading home. Nothing huge, just a nice afternoon with the girls.

When we arrived at the house, though, Emily's uncle came up to me with a question, "What is your dress size?" I've been asked several odd questions by strangers, but his was certainly the most forward and direct. He quickly explained that he'd acquired a wedding dress as part of a storage unit purchase, that the dress still had the tags on it, and that he thought the dress would fit me more than the other girls. He wanted a model so that he could get pictures of the dress and later sell it online. Good plan, I thought, and agreed to at least look at the dress. The tag stated the dress was a size 10. I'm smaller than that, but what the heck, right?

Emily stayed in the room with me to help me put the contraption on. I'd never worn a wedding dress before (in fact, I think I can count the number of dresses I've worn since I was ten). Putting it on was an adventure. I slid underneath the train to the top opening, my arms extended to the sky. The fabric wouldn't even bend with all of the bead work on the bodice. Emily pulled, squished, tucked, and pulled some more until she had me effectively corseted in what I can only describe as the itchy-est, ivory-est, heaviest, poofy-est dress I've ever worn. OY!

As you can see in the picture, the dress is beautiful. While it's not the style I'd pick for myself, and it's not the color (or even correct decade's fashion), it is a pretty wedding gown. I'm glad I was able to help Emily's uncle get his pictures. But I'll tell you, when Emily unzipped me and I was able to take a full breath, holy crap did that feel good. I'm never going to wear something like that again!

Is it a faux pas to get married in jeans?


MissKris said...

With my parents moving out here from New England, I grew up with next-to-no extended family. Weddings and funerals and all the usual 'family' stuff just wasn't a part of my life. Even tho I was the only daughter with 3 brothers, I grew up such a tomboy that fancy, girly trappings and stuff were never my style. Tho I probably could've had any type of wedding I wanted, I just wanted to get MARRIED. I didn't care how. I'd gone on a 2-week vacation to visit friends in southern California and when my now Dear Hubby picked me up at the airport when I came home, we went to a park down near Vancouver's airport and as we sat swinging on swings, I asked him if he still wanted to get married - we'd talked about it and were 'engaged' but that was as far as it had gotten. He said sure he did. I asked him when and he said "How about two weeks?" I said ok, and two weeks later we got married in front of the fireplace at one of my brothers' homes. 25 close friends and family in attendance. A best man and maid of honor. I wore a dress I bought off the rack at Nordstrom's for $ wasn't even a wedding dress. We had a barbecue out in the back yard. Went to the beach for the weekend for our honeymoon, since I'd just used up all my vacation, ha! That was 34 years ago. And how did we meet? On a blind date! And after he and our mutual friends had dropped me off at home he told them, "Some day I'm going to marry that girl." They laughed him to scorn, but 5 months and 4 days later, he was true to his word. Now, how's that for a romantic love story? :-D

Anonymous said...

Gee, I hope not. I got married in off-white overalls and pink hi-top Converse tennie-runners. And we are really happy!