Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Misadventures of a Geocacher

They weren't exactly misadventures, but they were odd. I went 'caching with my cousins, uncle, and father last week (all rookies except me), and we nabbed two more near La Pine. I'd tell you which one the picture is of and how far away the cache location is, but I don't want the owner to get mad at me. This one is a .30cal ammo can (my personal favorite), and it contained the standard log book, some trinkets, and some genuine calling cards (which are back in style thanks to Geocaching!).

The first 'cache of the day was a doozy with multiple coordinates leading us all over the Oregon Outback before we finally had to turn around and walk half a mile in the opposite direction from our location to get to the final big 'cache. The picture is of the second adventure we had, and the GPS took us for quite the run-around before we could find the correct trail and get close to it. At La Pine State Park, the Deschutes River always seems to stand between you and whatever you're looking for, and the bridges are never nearby. Curses!

We had a fun trip, and we found the treasure we set out for. Can't ask for more than that.

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