Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"One mo' fo' eighty-fi' cents?"

No, Panda Lady, not "one more for eighty-five cents." Put the ladle back in the chicken, I don't want it. Really. No. Put the spoon down. No soup, no sauces, just give me my rice and take my money.

I had to have Panda Express for lunch today. It was my own fault: I was too lazy this morning to make my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and I've grown a bit tired of them lately. Because everything else on campus is so expensive and since Woodstocks left the MU, I suffered through Panda.

No orange chicken, though... I learned my lesson on that stuff long ago. Ugh!

Today, I waited patiently in the long line as it wound toward the food. When I was finally able to place my order, the Panda Lady stood there with a confused look on her face. "One box of fried rice." How hard is that? So the Panda Lady found a box and put two spoonfuls of rice in it, filling it about two-thirds full. I stopped her and asked her to fill the box. She added about half a spoonful, and there was easily enough room in the box for another full spoon of rice to fit on top. Has Panda Express become so cheap that they won't even fill boxes of rice? Is a box of fried rice such a pricey commodity in the Panda World that they have to make me ask for a full box?

And! There were two large guys in line in front of me that ended up getting extra portions for free! Why do these men get special treatment and extra food, and yet I order just about the cheapest thing on the menu and get less food?

Panda Lady, I am not pleased. You can take your "eighty-fi' cents" and wok it.


kate said...

Okay, one, I didn't know Woodstocks left the MU. Where have I been? Two, forget that Panda lady. Head in the other direction and get your fried rice from Young's Kitchen!

Anonymous said...

"fo he' or to go?"

"anoda si' item?"

"sompeen to drink"


an den????
no... no more an den!!

Michael said...

^^^ LOL, that's perfect.

I don't know if it's better to get stiffed by Panda Lady, or have to be subject to, "ow see-kooret" as she loudly 'sneaks' in extras... Mr. Wonderful and I have somehow become part of that group.

Have you tried experimenting?
If you, being her nemesis of sorts, and Mr. Wonderful, being an object of some bizarre affection, both go to Panda and order together, does the net amount of food equal a standard portion size?