Friday, July 11, 2008

Overcoming this week's Bully

If you are going to criticize me for not appearing happy, then don't tell me I have low self-esteem, aren't pretty, and later mock me in front of other people. Really, not helpful.

For some reason, people associate practicality and logic with low self-esteem. Example: if someone tells me I'm smart, and I then deny such claims, I'm automatically assumed to have no confidence in myself. In truth, I may be knowledgeable about the subject at hand, yet I realize in the long run I'm no smarter than anyone else. I know my limitations, and I respect other talent. Intelligence is relative (most of the time).

Sometimes people aren't mean in person: they hit hard with comments online. Who I am on my blog and who I am in person are pretty much the same (except the name). I own my comments and stand by what I say both here and elsewhere on the vast Internet. Once in a while, I'll leave a comment on another blog, a short little note with my opinion. Later, the response will be scathing or questioning, as if my beliefs somehow conflict with all sense of morality or are opposite some great political stance. I seldom comment on other blogs for that exact reason: I won't take the time to respond to someone who is mean to me about a comment (unless it's really deserving).

With all the negative energy flowing toward me this week and the horrible allergies I've been dealing with, it's a wonder I'm not playing with knives or something. I'm going to take this weekend to rebuild myself, to recharge and reflect on my life without outside or bad influences (pollen included). Seriously, I know I'm not perfect, but I don't need you to trample my ego while proving it.

Oh, and I'm sure someone is going to pop back with a comment about how this post sounds like a whiny fifteen-year-old's tantrum. I don't think teenagers are the only people who occasionally let their self-esteem slide a bit. Perhaps my rant is juvenile, but I bet it resounds with several generations. Nobody likes to be picked on. I'm just saying something about it.

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Jeff W said...

No worries, everyone needs to rant sometimes. I hope your allergies are giving you relief at least some of the time. Here's some positive energy: *Hug*