Friday, July 04, 2008

Roughin' It

As you read this post, I'm exploring some part of central Oregon. Most people would consider spending time in the "great outdoors" camping, especially considering that we're staying in a "campground." But really, no, I'm not camping:

There is no tent.
I'll have filtered hot water.
I get to sleep in a bed nicer than the one I own.
My meals will all be prepared for me.
The campfire will miraculously be the perfect size and temperature for marshmallows.
And I get paid to be there (paid holidays are glorious).

Tell me, how is this considered "camping"? Whatever it is, it's pretty awesome. I'll have plenty of pictures from my adventures this week when I return to the valley. Hug a tree for me... I'm probably missing them right now!

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Mom of Three said...

I like the beauty of nature but the conveniences of downtown NYC.