Friday, July 25, 2008

Sharing a Sentiment

I'm not a card person. I don't give cards, and I don't care to receive them usually. Why waste the money and time to go pick out the "perfect" message someone else wrote instead of just telling that person how you really feel? And when I do get cards, I don't really read all the words. The longer the card, the less I read. Unless it's from my mother. In which case I just feel bad for not reading every word.

Last weekend, my boyfriend gave me a card. As I was opening the envelope, all manner of things went through my head: "What will it say!?" "Oh, I hope it's not too long and sappy." "Isn't this how Rachel's fiancé proposed...?" Yeah, I went there. I got nervous. The front of the card simply read, "Thinking of you." Good so far. The inside contained the shortest inside message I've ever seen: "I ~heart~ U." (That's when I melted.)

Profound. Thoughtful. Direct. Perfect. I was elated to find that my boyfriend shares the same card-giving mentality that I do. Well, okay, I wouldn't have given the card, but the sentiment was great. Serious bonus points for hand-cutting the heart shape out of shiny stuff, too.

In an effort to not make this post longer than it needs to be, I feel the need to finish writing now. I don't like cards with lots of words in them. Now you know.

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