Sunday, August 31, 2008

5 Reasons I Didn't Attend the State Fair

I love the Oregon State Fair, and rarely has my family missed it. This year, however, I chose not to go. Don't take it personally, carnies, it just didn't hold that luster for me.

1. Price. My budget is pretty small, and finding the extra $30 for a day at the fair wouldn't have been easy. After $10 admission, I know I'd have to hit up a food stand for fries and a ridiculously overpriced pop. There might be a souvenir or other item I'd find I couldn't live without (curse you, chamois man!), and I have to factor in gas. It's a lot of money that I simply couldn't justify.

2. Green Theme. I'm sorry, "green" labels are frustrating at this point. Going "green" is not a hip new fad: it's a responsibility. When the State Fair isn't composting or providing recycling options instead of big black trash bags everywhere, I don't believe they're following through on their theme. Not impressed.

3. Reduced number of textile and craft exhibits. Forget the "Fairway o' Crap Give-away," I always make a straight shot to the craft stuff to see what Oregonians are doing. The woodworkers, the glass blower guy, and the blacksmith are always fascinating to watch. I enjoy looking at the beautiful quilts, seeing each county exhibit, and wandering through jars and jars of canned preserves. If you take these things away, my entire reason for going is pretty much gone.

4. Nobody mentioned to me that Bill Engvall would be at the fair. The fact that I missed him in Oregon pisses me off. I'm not going to the fair now on principal. *stomps away*

5. I guess I didn't want to go this year. That doesn't have to do with the fair as much as it does me, but it's my list, and I didn't want to go. Everything looks the same year after year, and even the people don't change much. Instead, I spent time with family and friends not spending money.

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