Saturday, August 16, 2008

Andes Mint Cake

He wanted a minty cake, so that's what I made for him. My boyfriend is turning twenty-five next week, and this weekend is his birthday party. I asked him a few times what kind of cake he wanted. We agreed that an Andes mint cake would be fantabulous. Well, I thought "fantabulous..." he might have been thinking a different made-up word.

Recipes for mint cakes aren't exactly abounding. Guess that means I'll have to wing it! And I do love "winging it" with my cake designs. I already decided that the cake would be chocolatey and the frosting would be minty. First, what kind of chocolate cake: milk chocolate or devil's food? In my vast experience with chocolate cake mixes, the milk chocolate cakes are always dull. Devil's food has that extra POW of chocolatey goodness. But, it's also rich. In the end, I settled on the devil's food cake mix because... the deciding factor is brilliant here... that's what I already had.

As for mint frosting, well, nobody sells that stuff. I knew I'd need a base frosting, and I don't keep milk (since it's gross), so I couldn't just make it. Enter the Tub o' Cheap Vanilla Frosting! ~trumpet fanfare~ The single most versatile frosting on earth ('cuz it works miracles on ugly cookies as well as cakes). And, like the cake mix, that's what I had in my cupboard. I applied about, oh, something like a liberal sprinkling of peppermint extract and um, well, a bit too much green food coloring. In any case, taste and color to your own preferences. It doesn't matter.

Bake the cake. Duh. Let it cool completely. Or, if you live where it's 100-effin'-degrees at 10:00am like me, let it cool for a couple hours, and when it still burns your hand, stick it in the fridge for a bit. Cake baked and cooled? good. Moving right along...

So now you should have two cooled 9" round cakes (sorry I forgot to mention what size to make it... but really, it doesn't matter: it's cake!). Get them out of the pans carefully. Flatten one cake by cutting off the dome-y part on top. You can't squish the other cake on top of the first--it will crack after a bit. Frosting does not repair cake cracks, so just trust me, cut the first cake into a level, even playing field. Then cover your flat cake with about 1/4 to 1/3 of your green frosting. Apply the first cake to the top of the second. Now (and I know this is the hard part) frost the cake. I used a butter knife, a spatula, and my fingers (there was no licking of fingers until I was done--behave, people).

I stuck my cake in the fridge a bit to let the frosting firm up (it was sliding all over in the heat) while I chopped the Andes mints. How many did I use? I dunno. I ate a few while I was chopping, so it's hard to tell. Maybe twenty or thirty? Chop 'em up good, then sprinkle them all over the cake. Not sure if "sprinkle" is a culinary term, but that's what I did.

Don't throw away that delicious top part of the cake! Use any remaining frosting for that and give yourself a taste-test break. Can't argue with testing, right? It's important. So important that I had to stop chopping mints to eat more cake.

If you're still with me, thanks. I'm about to go into a sugar-induced coma now, but I wanted to say one last thing before I leave: OM-NOM-NOM YUMMY CAKE AHHH MMMM

(Yeah, it's that good.)


MissKris said...

My family's most favorite of all time made-from-scratch cake is my Mud Pie. Have you ever had that? You crush a package of Oreo cookies and add enough butter to make a 'crust' out of it. Spread it out in a 13x9 inch glass baking dish. Soften a gallon of chocolate chip mint icecream until it's 'spreadable' and smoothe it on over the Oreo crust. Take Hershey's chocolate syrup and liberally drizzle it over the ice cream. Then a container of Cool Whip for the 'frosting', topped with a shredded Hershey bar. Then pop it in the freezer for several hours to firm it all up. YUMMY!!!! And SO simple.

Jeff W said...

I think that's the mintiest food that I have ever seen!

Sally said...

I found your blog searching for a minty cake recipe (you're right, there aren't enough) and and wondering if you have a pic of the cake you made. If there was one originally, it's not showing.

Jaggy said...

Sally: Whoops! I fixed the link for you. :)