Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blogging on Empty

I could never keep a journal. I think I've started five eleven eighteen of them, but after a few days, I get bored and stop writing. Some people keep diaries for years, and I always gave up within weeks. The irony is that I'm a blogger now, a certifiable blogger. I'll reach that 1000th post mark right around my 25th birthday in a couple months. Oh, how my little bloggy has grown.

Content isn't getting any easier, though, and some days I just can't think of anything to write! So, in order to spark some comments, some reviews, or maybe just some thought, I have a few questions. I know you're reading this. I know you'll skim my list of questions. Please don't give up on me, dear reader, not quite yet. The thirty or forty of you that read daily... I would very much appreciate responses.

-What category (label, topic, etc. from my list of "Filed Under" topics at the left) of blog posts would you like to read more about?
-What information would you like to know about me that I haven't posted?
-Are there any subjects or posts you'd like me to flesh out more?

Without feedback, I'm afraid this blog will turn into one of those "once-a-week-ish" blogs where people rarely update with anything meaningful. Or else I'm going to end up posting day after day of the MySpace bulletin questionnaires where every sixth question is "What is your favorite color?" and constantly change my answer. And believe me, you do not want that to happen.

Feedback, please! (I moderate comments, so if you just want something to come to me without others reading it, let me know. If you don't say anything, though, it'll appear as a comment here.)


MissKris said...

I kind of went thru a spree like you're experiencing now right after my Dad died. I despaired of EVER thinking of another topic to write about but it slowly came back and all my regular readers kept right along with me, encouraging me and 'being there' for me. As to your questions: I never check topic/label lists. I have a hard enough time finding the time to do much visiting anywhere ANYWAY so I just stick with the current stuff. Hmmmm...since I'm fairly new I don't know a whole lot about you but I'm learning every time I stop by! And I'm just happy with reading what's going on in your head/life right now. Easy to please, aren't I?! I can offer something that might help you, tho. I was taught in Creative Writing to do my writing 'stream of consciousness'...just anything that enters my head. Some nites I'm just too tired so I go check out here:

...and get inspired by quotes that get me to thinking. And I'm off to the races! I don't think my feedback is going to be very helpful, but I sure do enjoy stopping by so DON'T QUIT!!! You have a great 'voice', Jaggy!

chris farrell said...

You are one of the slightly more bizarre although seemingly fairly conventional voices out there.

Jen said...

Let's see some more photos. I hear you've taken a few good ones lately.

Maybe you should boast about your culinary adventures. Try not to overdo the maple syrup though.

You could even keep a daily tracker of how many ounces of pop you drink.