Saturday, August 23, 2008

Congratulations to Rachel and Jessie

...on your wedding day!

I wish I knew a better way to say this, but my Maid of Honor's speech pretty much said it all:

I'm here because my very dear friend is getting married. Rachel and I met the same year that Rachel met Jessie, probably our very first day of 6th grade.

We've had a lot of fun together since then, sharing many different types of relationships, from classmates, teammates, and competitors, to roommates and co-conspirators, to college roommates and now as coworkers, and she's always been there for me (sometimes when I didn't want her to be), but especially when things got tough. Whether it was pranking Emily or crying over silly boys, she was there like a second sister.

From the first time they went playing in the snow together over two years ago, Rachel didn't really have to say much to make it clear to me that Jessie was The One. All the signs were there... the special looks ... the way her face would light up when he was around. When Rachel text-messaged me to say she was engaged, it all felt right. I've felt that way about them since the very start: it just feels right.

As right as it all may be, there are a few things I can foresee as "hurdles" down your road of life that ought to be mentioned: I don't think Rachel will ever get Jessie to put his dishes in the right place. And I'm not sure Jessie will ever teach Rachel the finer points of calling turkeys. Even though I'm sure she'll practice every chance she gets (especially when we're sitting inside a car with the windows rolled up).

With those tiny exceptions, I know Jessie and Rachel have the foundation for a wonderful marriage: not just as husband and wife, but as longtime friends as well. I'm so glad you're married and am overjoyed that I'm able to be a part of your lives today and always, and I'm also glad that Rachel's rain premonition didn't come true today.

Thank you for bringing a pleasant bit of chaos into our lives, and I hope there's plenty in yours for many, many years.

To Rachel and Jessie!

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