Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I had a bit of a moment Monday morning when arriving to work. What follows is as close to an exact transcript of my train-of-thought derailment:

I smell bacon.
Who killed a cow?
Bacon doesn't come from cows.
Could bacon come from a cow?
Why did I just think "cow" when I smelled bacon?
I don't even like bacon.
I like to eat cows.
Maybe I could invent cow-bacon.
I'm hungry now.
Gotta get it!
Still smell bacon.
Smells like yummy cow.
Stupid! Bacon does not come from cows!

D'OH! I think I'm starting to lose it.


Anonymous said...

gotta get it... gotta get it!!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Cow bacon is called tripe.

Jaggy said...

Tripe is cow stomach lining. No, I won't eat it. No, I won't try it. That's just not right.

Michael Faris said...

wait, you'll eat the muscles of an animal, but not its stomach, which is another type of muscle? Seems pretty arbitrary to me.

My guess is that you probably don't eat that much cow either. Cows are female cattle that have had calves. They are butchered once they are old for cheap ground beef, but most beef you eat is from steers or market heifers.

Sorry, the farm boy in me had to comment. :)

Jaggy said...

The stomach is indeed another type of muscle. However, it is directly connected to the digestive tract of the animal (unlike the flank, for example). I know that all the parts are connected in one way or another... it's just different. And in any case, I will not eat animal organs (muscles are not organs, they are part of a system).

And no, I don't eat much "cow" because I don't really eat that much beef in general. My "cow" percentage is therefore even smaller than I realized.

Good to hear from you, Michael!