Saturday, August 09, 2008

I have a piano!

It's on loan while my parents move, so it's not technically mine to keep. For the next couple months, however, my pride and joy rests upon the black and white keys in my living room. I keep telling myself that piano time comes after all the other chores and responsibilities of adult life... for some reason the child in me isn't listening.

Most people don't understand what a piano means to me. It's not about the music. I don't really care what the notes or how the piano is tuned. Sure, pretty songs are great, and a tuned piano definitely helps! For me, though, the physical sensation of having my fingers on the keys brings about so much peace. When I play, I truly play for me (unlike those people who say that but then end up wanting to play for others all the time). I don't know how to improvise, and I'm awful at music theory beyond scales, rhythm, and dynamics. It's about the notes, the sheet music, the translation of dots on lines to sounds and melodies. Sometimes I get the notes right, but sometimes I change the music to how I want to play it. I hate to use the analogy, but my relationship with a piano is a rather physical one... doesn't matter what it says as long as it's there.

I can't believe I just wrote that.

Then again, I have a piano in my living room. What the hell am I doing sitting here?

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MissKris said...

Oooooooh...maybe they'll forget they loaned it to you and just leave it with you, ha! I think I know how you feel about the piano. I feel that way about my flower gardens, too...a sense of physical well-being, just knowing they're there. And they give me so much pleasure. Tho as busy as my life is at the moment I can hardly find any time to spend out there! I was saying to Dear Hubby yesterday afternoon that I know my mind doesn't work like most people' if HE doesn't know that, being with me for 34 years now. But yesterday as I went to put some recycling out on the back porch I noticed a beautiful little emerald-green hummingbird fluttering back and forth from my pink hollyhocks to my scarlet sage bush...then it flew up practically in to my face and hovered there, like it was saying hello! To me, simple little moments like that are 'gifts', the little "extras" God sends our way to say "Hello...I'm thinking about you and I know this will bring you pleasure!" He was right. It DID! I try very, very, very hard not to take each day for granted.