Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Fourth Date (and counting!)

Last night, Mr. Wonderful and I went on our fourth date. Technically he can say he paid for it since he paid for dinner, but I vote we split the cost since I drove from Corvallis to Monmouth and back. In any case, the trip was his idea. We went up after work to see the Severin Sisters perform in Monmouth's Central Park.

Have you ever had a friend invite you to see "one of their friend's bands" and later realize just how awful your friend's taste in music is (and how little talent their friends have)? The Boy is not like that. The first time I saw the girls perform in March at OSU, I was a bit hesitant to go to a bluegrass show, especially by performers I'd never heard of. Thankfully, the music was good both in the spring and last night. Bluegrass isn't really my thing, but the park was beautiful, and the music was well-played and sung. Even if I don't appreciate the style, I do appreciate the talent and skill (spoken as a musician, of course).

As we were leaving halfway through the show, the Sisters waved good-bye to The Boy (he's a friend and a groupie!), and the entire crowd of (aged) 50+ bluegrass fans stared. Hehe, it's like he knows famous people or something.

I had my camera there, and I got a bunch of really awesome photos as the sun was setting, but since Mr. Wonderful is also Mr. No-Pictures-of-me-Online, I can't share most of them here. Which is fine with me... I understand what he's saying, and I don't need to populate every post with a picture.

We spent the rest of our evening at Borders. I think book shopping is the one place where we are usually in the same store and not standing side-by-side. It's cool: we walk in and go our separate ways. Eventually one of us will get bored and find the other, then we drift apart, find each other, drift again, and so on until one person decides to give up shopping. One of our first days together (before dating) was spent up at Powell's, so book shopping has been a part of our relationship from long, long ago.

That was a good day, and so was last night. Is it wrong to feel this lucky?

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MissKris said...

Dear Hubby and I are the same way in book stores and thrift shops. We LOVE thrift 'browsing' and spend a lot of rainy Saturdays doing just that. We get in the door and split up, too. We also love Powell's...have been there many times. And no, it isn't wrong to feel that lucky! :-D