Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Un-vitees (no RSVP needed, thank you)

I know I've blogged about a few of my pet peeves before, but I'm going to send this one out again. Obviously, people didn't get the message the first time. All I'm asking for is a little common courtesy... how hard is that?


Yeah, all caps, that means I'm shouting. at you. now. so listen up.
  • If there were invitations and you didn't get one, you're not invited.
  • If there were no invitations, but people were asked informally and you weren't, you're not invited.
  • If the party invitation said "guests welcome," that usually means ONE guest, not all of your friends.
  • If it is a small gathering of friends and your name was not specifically mentioned, ask if the party is invitation only, but do not invite yourself along.
  • If a group of your friends are going to a public event together, do not automatically assume that you're welcome to go along with them. Just because it's public doesn't mean it's public.
  • If you do end up inviting yourself along, don't change everyone's plans at the last minute.
  • Family events are not an exception. Just because you're family doesn't mean we want you to be there (odds are that we do, but don't assume)
Have I covered most of the bases yet? Seriously. DO NOT ASSUME that you have been invited. Even if people are talking about an event right in front of you, unless you are TOLD, do not demand or expect an invitation. Everybody clear?

Okay, good.


Anonymous said...



If you plan on talking about an invent in front of someone who has "specifically not been invited," you have to assume they will be curious as to what you're talking about. So to avoid people inviting themselves to the thing or place you don't want them to be a part of... DON'T LET THEM FIND OUT ABOUT IT OR TELL THEM ABOUT IT OR TALK ABOUT IT IN FRONT OF THEM!!

Isn't that also common courtesy?

Just a thought...

MissKris said...

I agree with Whit. 100%. There's nothing worse in the world than sitting there with everyone around you talking about something they're doing together and you're the only one not included. I had that happen to me a lot thru my teen years, mostly because I switched schools so often I never got to know anyone very well. But even so!! THAT is incredibly rude and thoughtless. But I also agree with you that the one not included shouldn't "include" themselves. Kind of a Catch-22 situation.

MissKris said...

Oooops...since you have comment moderation, I dunno if that comment showed up as me or my daughter...I didn't realize she'd been on my computer last nite and switched users, ha!