Monday, August 04, 2008

Weatherford Architecture

Let's see: square, rectangle, triangle, circle, arch, line, line, square...

I love architecture. I don't particularly enjoy drawing it or planning it, but I can definitely appreciate a well-thought-out building. This picture isn't special by any means, but the building has fantastic lines. I couldn't help but look up and take notice of the contrasting colors and multitude of shapes in Weatherford Hall's architecture.

The building is one of the oldest on Oregon State's campus. I think more of the buildings should have been built in this style, whatever it is. Plus, I'm told that the building is haunted. This girl can't argue with great architecture and a spooky history!

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Anonymous said...

yea... this building proves (to me) that boys aren't the only thing out there to make a girl swoon. :P

yay for Weatherford! So pretty!