Friday, August 08, 2008

A Well-Spent "Mental Health Day"

Gotta love paid personal leave. My Friday off was ultra-productive. I got tons of important stuff done, and I even took time to do some fun things. How much can one person accomplish?

-slept in until 9:00, a glorious start to any "Mental Health Day"
-finished my letter begging the court not to charge the full fine for my traffic ticket
-mailed my letter and life savings to the court (note to self: don't speed! it's expensive!)
-returned last night's rented movie
-watched another movie today online
-beaded a pearl bracelet
-sent my complaint to the evil doctor's office for last month's hospital incident
-made lunch from last night's leftovers
-cleaned my kitchen
-watched some TV
-measured all of my living room furniture
-rearranged my entire living room
-long, hot shower
-dinner with my parents
-played the piano
-started a new book (even though I'm halfway through the current one)

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