Thursday, September 11, 2008

Address This!

I never realized how much work it is to change your address. My parents moved once when I was 9 years old: throughout my adult life, I've used their mailing address as my permanent address. Even when I lived on my own during college and when I moved out again last summer, I didn't change my address. Finally, though, my parents have moved to another house. My mailing address must change. I opted to change everything officially to my own apartment instead of their rented house. Oy! How many people have my old address?

-Bank(s), and I still need to order new checks
-Credit card company
-Student loan
-Doctor/dentist/optometrist offices
-Car/renter's insurance company
-Medical/dental insurance company
-Magazine subscriptions
-Coupon people (Michael's, JC Penney catalogs, etc.)

Can you think of anyone else I forgot?
My advice? Don't move. It makes life so much easier!


Amanda said...

Agh...moving sucks. I, at one point, had things under my mom's address in Oregon, her address in Pennsylvania, my college address in Iowa, then my address in France. And now I'm trying to switch it all over to CA.

Every week or so another letter gets forwarded to me from some business or person that I forgot to give my new address to. I just gave up after awhile and decided that if I couldn't remember them and they didn't track me down, it wasn't that important anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

voter registration, other licenses (besides driver's), cell phone provider, ...friends from far away places?

uhm... i'll keep thinking...

Jen said...

All your service providers.
Your employer.
Your previous employers if they like to keep track of you.
Your high school and college alumni people.