Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blanket Season

It's finally here! Tonight, I curled up under a blanket with The Boy to watch a movie. A real, warm, fuzzy, blanket. The nights are cold enough that my apartment has a chance to cool off, so I've been adding an extra layer when I get cold. I love the weight of the blankets on me, especially my grandma's afghan or one of my quick-sew project blankets.

When I was a little girl, my mother made me a flannel blanket. One side was solid pink, and the other side had tiny pink flowers all over it. By the time I was toddling around, she made me a blue one out of light blue and blue flowered flannel. When that blanket finally gave out in my early teens, I requested a longer one out of lavender and lavender flowered flannel. I wore holes in the third blanket by the time I was twenty. So, when I got my sewing machine for Christmas, I finished the fourth replacement blanket. The flowered flannel print is still being made, but it's difficult to find. I settled for solid navy for the back side and white with navy stars and dots on the front. No fancy quilting, no elaborate machine stitching, just two layers of flannel with some batting sandwiched between, some long stitches length- and width-wise.

My sister makes beautiful nine-patch quilts. They have more sewing in the top side, plus the entire blanket is hand-tied, but they're the perfect weight and size for curling up. I haven't merited one of these yet (it's not like I couldn't make one myself...). She, too, understands the value of the perfect blanket.

Sitting in the stands at marching band competitions has taught me the value of a good outdoor blanket, too. For Christmas one year, my parents were lucky enough to receive a clever blanket. One side is heavy red canvas, and the other is a thick grey fleece. If you sit in a football stadium seat with a foam pad underneath you (especially one of those genius "stadium chair" thingies with the back that is attached to the seat) and tuck the edge of the canvas/fleece blanket under your legs, that is the warmest blanket on earth. It's incredible. And it's the perfect size that two people can share it. Each person tucks in the outside edge, and then they can share body heat, snacks, or whatever from the confines of a warm blanket.

Even as I write this, I'm curled up in my desk chair in a blanket. I truly do love blanket season. :)

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MissKris said...

This didn't inspire so much a 'blanket' memory for me but it sure brought back the zillions of hours that we crammed into 5 months of courting, cuddled on MY boys' couch, stretched out and making out to every Led Zeppelin album in existence. He'd stack the records on his stereo turntable and we'd 'work' our way thru, haha! And the last record to drop down?? Well, that'd play over...and over...and over again. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooot