Friday, September 05, 2008

Goodbye, ORblogs

My blog started with Dr. Lisa Ede's English 495/595 class waaaaay back in 2005. She had this fresh, young speaker come in and tell about how he got into blogging. That quiet man was Paul Bausch, the mastermind behind ORblogs. He told us about his self-created blogging community of Oregon bloggers. I have since used his website to find out more about my state than I could have dreamed (nevermind how well Oregonians write!).

My foray into blogging had a rocky beginning. Once I added ORblog's code to my site and had the site linked correctly, a few people discovered my tiny voice in the blogging jungle. Then after a few clever titles that garnered me a bit more attention, even more people started reading. Three years later, I have managed to make the "popular" column a handful of times, snagged a few high-click days, and even scored some loyal readers around the state. Without ORblogs, my blog would surely be nothing.

But, due to the amount of time ORblogs takes in Bausch's life and the lack of financial support he receives for his hard work, he's decided to take his website down. I was disheartened (devastated, honestly) that such a great resource will no longer exist. Small blogs like mine don't stand a chance in the blogosphere. Having that community, the smaller pool of like-minded close-by bloggers, gave me the opportunity to share my thoughts for a blissful three years.

With ORblogs gone, a huge hole exists. Where will we, the small blogs, go in order for people to find us? How will we make ourselves known in our neighborhood? How will I find new online friends like Mr. Guy, MissKris, and TH?

Still, without ORblogs to garner me that wonderful blog traffic, my blog will trudge onward. I will, as ever, attempt to blog daily. If my numbers fall, that's okay. I'm still here. I just wish I had my network of faithful Oregonians waiting in the wings.

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MissKris said...

I have a couple of resources for you, Miss Jaggy. One is;

You can subscribe your blog there and it generates some traffic. Another is a ping service:

That one will let all kinds of blog reader/search engines know that you've updated. I get a lot of traffic from that.

I was going to blog about the loss of ORblogs tonite but I'm just too tired to wrap my mind around it right now. I decided to 'visit' instead and came across your feelings about it. I share them completely. Even tho there were a lot of sites out there whose political/moral/ethical views are poles apart from my own, I found ORblogs a fascinating resource and loved browsing thru it, too. It truly gave a sense of 'community' to the bloggers in our state, I think. I wish I had the smarts and computer savvy and time...I'd LOVE to do something like that!!