Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grandma's 90th

Mr. Wonderful and I spent a ton of time together over the last three days, and while I enjoy my time alone, I very much enjoy my time with him.

Saturday was exciting. We went to Albany and washed my car at my parents' house before heading into Lebanon for my grandmother's 90th birthday party. (By the way, she's actually 90 today--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) The Boy survived meeting my father's entire extended family, minus a few of my cousins. He met my aunts and uncles, a few other relatives, and was able to see Grandma again. Even though my dad's family is loud and blunt, The Boy survived. He left a good impression (my aunt told me so).

After having our fill of family, we drove to see Rachel and her new kittens. So tiny, so cute, so much work... oy! Part of me wants a pet, but I don't like pets indoors. My complex doesn't allow any pets anyway, so it's not even a consideration. But it was really nice to sit on the couch with a furry, fluffy, purring kitten laying on my belly.

This morning, after church, we went to lunch and then picture taking north of Corvallis. I'll post pictures soon. He took my camera and finally turned it on me, so now he has pictures of me (as the principle photographer in the relationship, pictures of me were apparently lacking... I didn't have a problem with it). Tonight, he made me dinner and cleaned my kitchen for me.

It all sounds so normal when I write it... so ordinary and inconsequential. In fact, we somehow made each moment special. We do that. It's pretty damn awesome.

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