Monday, September 15, 2008

More Organized Than Ever

I made a quick trip to K-Mart this weekend to see what they had on sale. On a whim, I passed through the home interiors section and spotted the exact shelving unit I wanted to build for my bathroom. The store had the last unit on the shelf still in the box, but there was no price sticker anywhere on it. I searched the shelves until I found the matching bar code number thingy. The white 3-shelf cabinet with doors was marked at $25.00. SCORE! I hauled the heavy box up to the checkstand where the youngest checker I've ever seen (he was too young for zits, let's put it that way) rang me up. "That'll be $35.00." Uh, excuse me? No. I informed him about the price sticker on the shelf. He still wanted me to pay the higher price. I refused. He called over a manager. The manager confirmed the $35.00 price. I refused again. "Oh, right, we raised the price on the cabinets, but we didn't change the stickers. We'll give it to you for $25.00." Damn straight! I paid the kid, stumbled the box out to my car, and drove it home.

Now, after assembly, I have a beautiful white cabinet and twice the storage space in my bathroom. I have space for girly bathroom stuff and no longer need to keep it in a box in my hallway closet. Even though I'm fairly low-maintenance, I do have quite a bit of bathroom stuff. A girl needs room for her make-up (admittedly not much), teeth stuff (it's a $5000 smile and counting...), eye stuff (contacts, grr), nail stuff (like, maybe two kinds of nail polish and some emery boards, k?), hair stuff (blow dryer is kinda bulky, plus hairspray for the three times a year when I need to look good), earrings, perfume, deodorant, lotion (x3), and then all that shower stuff. GOSH! That doesn't include my really girly stuff (*cough*), band-aids, pills of various types, beauty odds-and-ends, and toilet paper.

Because, let's face it, toilet paper is kind of necessary in the bathroom.
And I'm glad I have the storage space now to keep it there!


Anonymous said...

uhm, toilet paper is always more handy when *in* the bathroom. :)

nice job, sis!

Snookie said...

Unless your a big fan of the bellowing down the hallway method. Except when you live alone... :D