Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

Some would call it good, cheap fun. I do not call $4 sausages, canned sauerkraut, and pyrotechnic diarrhea good, cheap, and certainly not fun. This is why I did not eat any food from Oktoberfest this weekend.

My boyfriend wanted to go up, and I'd never been to an Oktoberfest before. With nothing else to do, we decided to drive up and meet some friends there. The day was perfect as far as the weather was concerned. If we were in the shade, we stayed pretty cool. The sun was warm, but we were there in the late afternoon, so it wasn't bad. We didn't burn at least (and that means it really wasn't bad!).

The idea of smashing a bunch of Bavarian food vendors together really had me smiling. I love good sausage. Even though I'm German by ancestry, I can't seem to get the cabbage down. Beer isn't high on my list either. But the sausage... oy! I don't care if it's Polish, German, Dutch, or covered in maple syrup... I love sausage. (The English and Irish, however, with their blood sausage... no. NO. That ain't right!) Between the apfelstrudel and the brats, I could smell home. Of course, I was disappointed that there was no schnitzel or kuchen or dumplings or any of the other foods I think of, especially spaetzle. How could they not have spaetzle?!

As the crowds were difficult to move through, we opted to walk up to St. Mary's in Mt. Angel. The building is visible from most of town, and I must admit the church was strikingly beautiful. We happened to walk in during the Saturday evening mass. The people were singing a hymn, and with the sun sparkling down in tiny beams from the stained glass, the setting was perfectly tranquil. I was pleased we'd taken the detour away from the crowds.

After trudging back across town, we drove into Salem to watch a movie and have dinner (less expensive, less greasy, less fair-food-like deliciousness). While the day wouldn't have been something I picked out, it was fun. I enjoyed the sights and smells, a bit of the waning summer sun, and being able to put my head on The Boy's shoulder after a long day.

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