Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A One-Pop Day

My quest to give up caffeine hasn't been going smoothly. I'm solely to blame. However, I might add that I didn't have a clear-cut definition of "giving up caffeine" to begin with. I simply wanted to get to a point where I didn't go through withdrawal headaches if I didn't get caffeine every day. I haven't had a withdrawal headache in probably a month, so I figured I was doing okay.

This afternoon, though, when I looked across my desk and saw water where my can of pop usually sits... it was hard not to run to the vending machine upstairs. The cravings are intense sometimes, and not so bad other times.

It's also expensive to drink pop all the time. I was down to two cans (or a can and some of a 20oz bottle, neither of which do I ever completely finish) each day, and now I'm pushing hard to be down to one can a day. Today, I will do it. Today, I will only drink one can of pop. I already drank it, actually, so the trick is going to be resisting the temptation to have another.

My boyfriend had a good point last night: this wouldn't be such a big deal if I'd never admitted I was addicted. Dang it!

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