Thursday, September 18, 2008

Radio me this...

As a commuter for so many years, I spent most of that time on the road listening to CDs.  I think I listened to the same ten CDs for six years, occasionally switching out a few, but always coming back to the same ten or so.  But now, as I drive the short distance to work across town instead of across the valley, I find myself tired of the same few CDs.  I need something new.  I've turned back to the radio for the first time since middle school.  I don't know who the popular people are on the airwaves now.  Perhaps that's a sign I'm getting "old."

Tonight, after work, I had to sit in my car poking buttons just to figure out how the radio works.  I've been the primary driver in my car for six years, and I have no idea how to operate a radio!  And let me tell you, for someone pretty "with it" when it comes to computer-y stuff, not knowing how to work such a "simple" device like the radio hurts my tiny ego quite a bit!

I wish I could say it was easy, but it wasn't.  I poked buttons for several minutes before figuring out that I had to turn the CD player off before I could turn the radio on.  Who would have thought?  Once I got it turned on, the radio needed to be "tuned."  I had to relearn how to use knobs and buttons and scan until I got static and voices.  AM versus FM might still be beyond me... but I have hope that I'll figure out which one I'm on soon.

As I ease back into the world of radio stations, I might need some help.  What radio stations do you listen to here in the Willamette Valley?  Do you have a favorite station?  Please give me suggestions or station numbers... all I remember is 94.5, 99.9, and 103.7FM.

Oh, and what radio station broadcasts OSU Football games?

I feel so lost... and it's just the radio!


Jen said...

106.3 KLOO FM Classic Rock
91.1 KWAX FM UO Classical Music
550 AM NPR and OPB
920 AM KSHO Showtunes, ballads, and dance music
860 AM KPAM Beaver games (Also Online)

Those are my favorites. (102.3 is the top 40 station that I listen to on occasion)

MissKris said...

I've been listening to since it came on the air in December 1968, back when FM radio was just coming into existence. It's 101.9 and I don't know if you'd like it but it's eclectic and it has a lot of variety. I especially like listening to its "Sunday Morning Acoustic" from 9 am to noon on Sundays. Dunno if you can get it where you are, but you might give it a listen if you can get it. It's also on the internet and I know you can get that anywhere. It's

Jeff W said...

Let's see if I can remember my automatic car stereo stations from Corvallis...

97.9 (.1?)

I think that's right. I haven't gotten many new cds for a while so I always listen to the radio wherever I am unless there isn't anything on that I like.