Wednesday, September 03, 2008

RSVP gosh darnit!

[Editor's Note: This post was guest-written by Rachel, a friend and recent bride.]

Does anyone actually know what RSVP stands for? Probably not. But we all know what it means ("R├ępondez s'il vous plait" or respond if it pleases you), or so I thought until last week. Last weekend I got married (yes I am the culprit that forced Jaggy to get all gussied up for a day, and damn did she look good!). I had 150 RSVP's to my wedding. We made it really simple: go online to our webpage or call a number. Everyone has a phone right?

We had one problem right from the beginning. Myself and the bridal party were hanging out inside when I casually asked my sister "how many people are here so far?" it was T minus 10 minutes. Her response "Most of the chairs are filled." We set out 182 chairs. How do I know this? I made Jaggy add it up 4 times. Right before the ceremony it was standing room only. In 95 degree heat. Several of my cousins with young infants actually got up and went inside to give more room for people (there was a large plate glass window they could watch through).

Second problem, food. Our wedding reception meal was home-cooked. My amazing mother-in-law and family did all the food. She figured not everyone who RSVP'd would come, and a few extra people would show up. After she had catered two other weddings this summer, she figured 150 potatoes would be plenty. Wrong. Two of my cousins didn't even stay for the reception because they didn't RSVP. (They didn't know I did for them as they are my cousins; I figured they'd be there!). So my question is, where did all these extra people come from?

All I know is that, in the end, the wedding and reception turned out okay – but I was still a little peeved because it just isn't proper to not RSVP. So even if it is a day before the wedding (we had several people call the day or two before) you should always RSVP or risk the wrath of a crazed bridezilla.

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icouldkillher said...

I absolutely agree. Failing to RSVP is downright rude. What gets me are people who write in the names of their children on wedding rsvps. If your kid's name is not on the invite, he/she is not invited. Either get a sitter or don't come! Just make sure you rsvp either way.