Thursday, September 04, 2008

Shame on you, Corvallis residents, letting Albany show you up!

Saturday night, The Boy and I were in Albany running some errands before dinner when we witnessed an accident. I didn't actually see anything, but we heard the screeching of tires and yelling. The Boy ordered me to stop the car, and he quickly exited the vehicle to go provide first aid to the injured parties. I parked my car out of the way (just like everyone else--nobody left the scene). He took control of the situation, calmed the angry parties, and made sure that nobody was dying. Within two minutes, I observed five police cars, a firetruck, an ambulance, and the chief's SUV arrive at the scene. After a brief visit with an officer, The Boy made his exit, and we went on our way.

Contrast that to the accident I arrived upon this morning in Corvallis perhaps five to ten minutes after it occurred. At least two vehicles ended up mangled in front lawns, one nearly inside a house. I saw one squad car, no ambulance, no firetruck, nothing else. People were sitting in the grass next to their cars as if in a daze. No one seemed to care. Traffic didn't even slow down to gawk.

I wish I could say these are isolated events, but they're not. Accidents happen often enough in both towns. If nothing else, these two scenes are a perfect example of why I have always disliked Corvallis. People are so absorbed in their own lives that they don't stop to care for another. After growing up in a small town where stopping for an accident wasn't just a courtesy but an obligation, Corvallis residents haven't impressed me one bit. If ever my life is in danger or if I ever need anything from someone else, I pray that I find some small-town person instead of a Corvallis resident.

Why do I live here if I dislike the place so much? Even with insanely high housing costs, it's still cheaper than paying for gas and living in a smaller (friendlier!) town.

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