Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sunset from Bald Hill

We decided at the last minute to hike Bald Hill on Friday evening. I knew sunset was going to be about 7:20pm. With less than an hour to prepare and drive closer, we planned the jaunt. I met Mr. Wonderful at his apartment, and we raced over to the trailhead. From the barn, it took us 13 minutes to hike to the top. My previous record was slightly longer, so I felt great about our time. Unfortunately (or not?), we ended up on top well before sunset. Our ten-minute wait was rewarded with a beautiful view of a fantastic summer's end sunset, though. I took many pictures while resting/wheezing/trying-not-to-fall-down-the-hill. (Seriously, take your time on that last bit going up. It was a doozy.) The trip down didn't take very long, either. I think we only took twenty minutes from the top to get all the way back to our car at the fairgrounds.

The picture here is looking due west toward Mary's Peak (that little familiar bump on the left). I have seen many sunsets from many places in Oregon. This one, thought, we earned. It was worth the crazy-fast hike a dozen times over.

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