Sunday, September 07, 2008

This is What Good Weekends are Made of

Phew, I can't believe it's Sunday evening. I haven't thought about my blog since Friday night, let alone had time to write something. It feels good to get away from computers every once in a while, though, and my weekend was well-spent.

Saturday morning, I got up early and started working on a project. I took four bags of clothes to Vina Moses (it's like Goodwill, but it's entirely local and zero-profit) before running over to Michael's to pick up some beads. My craft budget is minuscule this month, so having some good beads to work with for the next twenty days will be a great morale booster. I got home and immediately set to beading. I created two different bracelets that I disliked enough to dismantle before even wearing them. *sigh* it happens. In the afternoon, I met The Boy at his apartment so that we could drive up to Woodburn together to go to his friend's wedding.

Side note: what is it with lavish weddings? I'm sorry, but I don't really see the need to have seven attendants each, free airplane rides (the wedding was at a private airfield), bottles of wine on every table, or a huge catered dinner. The wedding was beautiful (of course). It just seemed a bit overdone to me. It's my opinion. No, I don't care of you disagree.

After the wedding, we stopped to see more of The Boy's friends. We got home late, maybe 10pm or so. The next morning, we met for church, then drove up to Salem to go shopping. We walked and walked and walked, but neither of us found anything we were dying to have. At least I feel like I got some exercise out of the deal. :)

With shopping frustrating us, we opted to drive back to Albany to coerce my parents into taking us out to Carino's Italian Grill. My parents had been there several times, but it was our first trip. I had the lasagna (it was okay--heavy, and I'm not a fan of carrots in my pasta). We had a nice visit with my parents. As we were leaving their house later, my parents generously gave me a new microwave (since the one I currently have, though it's fairly new, has a cracked seal and is slowly going to kill me with radiation (right, Mr. Nuclear Engineer Jeff?))

The Boy drove us back to Corvallis where we spent the rest of our wonderful weekend trying not to fall asleep, what with full bellies and too much excitement. I don't think I spent hardly any time this weekend without my hand in his... and that's the way I like it: side-by-side, hand-in-hand, walking together. If nothing else, this weekend taught me just how lucky I am (yet again) to have found someone so like me in all the right ways and unlike me in even better ways.

Oh, yeah, not only am I nerdy, but I really am friends with a true Nuclear Engineer. More than one, in fact. A bonafide N.E. who really works in his chosen field. And I think he's one of the nicest guys around. And maybe if I add enough flattery to this post, he'll comment. :P


Jeff W said...

:p *Hug* Microwaves are my favorite cooking utensil. My grandparents had an old microwave that was dented inside and caused some weird focusing effect and melted a little hole in the front. We made them get a new one.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! oh man...

laughing... on the floor...


just the way he wrote that - i can see him saying it. "microwaves are my favorite!" :P

yay for jeff. yay for microwaves.