Friday, October 24, 2008

The Adventures of Rachel and Jaggy: Volume I

Sometimes Rachel and I have interesting conversations via instant messaging. What follows is a transcript (edited only for grammar--because we sorta forget that when typing so fast) of a chat we had long ago. The story doesn't take much set-up other than to say that Rachel was in forestry for a while and that I am not a fan of yogurt. If you don't think this is funny, don't worry. It's funny to me, and it's funny to Rachel, and I'm really posting this for our amusement, okay? Just go with it...

Rachel: Do you ever have problems when you open yogurt and it sprays yogurt all over you? or is it just me the yogurt hates?

Jaggy: Awww, it has happened to me, too.

Rachel: I am NOT having a good day.

Jaggy: I'm sorry. It will get better, I promise.

Rachel: I'm eating yogurt with a fork.

Jaggy: eew

Rachel: Very effective...

Jaggy: not so much

Rachel: more so than you would think, 'til you get to the bottom... but my only other choice was chopsticks. Do you think I could eat yogurt with chopsticks?

Jaggy: No, but I'd laugh if I watched you try!

Rachel: Yes, it could be very amusing. Perhaps someday I will be desperate enough to try it.

Jaggy: hehehe

Rachel: I have eaten yogurt with the foil lid bent in half... pudding, too. It works better with pudding: shorter cups.

Jaggy: yeah, wow

Rachel: I once saw a guy eat a cold casserole with a ruler. Hilarious!

Jaggy: What the heck?

Rachel: Foresters... dirty dirty people.

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Jeff W said...

I'm not sure what Rachel being in forestry means to this- do forestry people not use silverware? Or perhaps forestry yogurt is unfriendly yogurt?