Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Adventures of Rachel and Jaggy, Volume II

Rachel and I seem to have had several conversations about caffeine while instant messaging. Thus, I present four of these short transcripts (edited only for grammar):

Jaggy: I only had ONE can of pop yesterday.
Rachel: Wow!! I just heard you open one today.
Jaggy: Shhhh, it's invisible caffeine. If I sharpie over the ingredients, it doesn't exist.
Rachel: Wow, you have been watching too many cartoons. Jeff suggested we get you a keg of diet coke and put it on a podium by your desk.
Jaggy: What the heck?
Rachel: :D
Rachel: I got a dollar, I got a dollar... Oh, I spent my dollar... I got a soda, I got a soda!

Rachel: I want a Mountain Dew... or a Rock Star.
Jaggy: They have Mountain Dew upstairs. I'm going get my pop soon. I was up waaaay too late again.
Rachel: Silly, silly girl. I sense a trend starting. I’m studying for my trip over east.
Jaggy: Oh, fun.
Rache: In Australia, they have this thing where you can text message a soda machine, and it takes the money off of your pre-paid plan. It's pretty cool... because I don't have a dollar... :( only 20's... On the up side, I do have cash for once.
Jaggy: You need a dollar?
Rachel: Yes, please :D
Jaggy: Ok, just a second.
Rachel: Thank you, enabler.

Rachel: I eated your cookie
Jaggy: That's good you eated it. Do you have a dime?
Rachel: Um, probably. I do have a dollar to repay you though, for last time.
Jaggy: Oh. That's better! I need another pop.
Rachel: I also have two quarters, but no dime.
Jaggy: Oh.
Rachel: Would you like me to bring it to you?
Jaggy: I'll get it in a minute.
Rachel: I can go get you the soda too. It would be good exercise for me since I ate the cookie.

Rachel: I tried to go for a run this morning, but then it started lightening and thundering... and then I ran really fast back to the house. The weather definitely looks better
Jaggy: Is the pop machine still out of pop?
Rachel: It has soda, but none for you. You are quitting. Me, I'm ramping up production.
Jaggy: Not quitting: reducing.
Rachel: Ah, so now your story is changing!

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