Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blog Action Day: Poverty

As you read this, you're likely sitting there eating or drinking something. You're wrapped up in a warm sweater (or in my case, a blanket). You might be procrastinating on homework or chores, or you might be killing some time. Either way, you're comfortable. And you are in the minority.

Millions (billions!) of people aren't going to read this blog today, not because they don't know about it, but because they're more concerned about finding any water, not just clean water, to drink. These people aren't necessarily in third-world countries either: starving people exist in every town in every state in this country.

You don't have to do something big to make a difference. It's not about mailing money to another country or state. Donate food and time to a local soup kitchen. Collect all of those outdated clothes and give them away. Heck, even sell them and make some spare change... it's about getting the supplies to people who need it most.

Please remember the homeless shelters or other organizations (like the Red Cross!) who take gifts like toothpaste and new socks. Especially remember outdoor and work clothing for men, linens and bedding, children's clothing, and appliances that you've recently replaced or no longer need.

Rarely will I promote something on this blog, especially something political. Be assured that by my participation in Blog Action Day, I'm publicly standing up for something I believe in. Help me end poverty here and abroad by giving a little bit today and every day. Please.

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