Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day Four of The Cold from Hell

The good news is that I'm definitely feeling better. I have my appetite back (with a vengeance), and I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

The bad news isn't so bad, really, considering what the last three days have been like. My nose aches, throbs even, and is painful to think about. I'm keeping it covered in Aquaphor when I can, but it seems like just as soon as I get my nose covered, I sneeze again and have to wipe everything off. Ugh. So I reapply the balm and start over.

I am suffering from cabin fever at this point. Tomorrow's work and maybe even a little dancing (maybe!) will be a welcome change to my four walls and quiet life of this too-long weekend.

As for tonight, well, The Boy said he'd cook for me. He's said that four times in a row now, but somehow I always end up taking over... and in exchange, I told him I'd clean part of his apartment for him. Nothing like cleaning fumes to clear my sinuses! Bring on the Pine-Sol.

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