Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Going places... or not

I have always wanted to travel, and I've traveled a bit already in my short life.  I've been all over Oregon--to just about every town with a population greater than 1000 people.  I have been to many states, especially those on the west side of the country.  I have been on road trips that spanned weeks (hellish weeks, let me tell you).  I've even made it to Canada once when I was nine years old.

Travel is expensive.  I don't fluently speak any foreign languages, so I definitely need to stay in the English-speaking parts of the world (which I realize is larger than North America and the United Kingdom).  I don't even have a passport.  These things can be remedied, sure, but the fact remains that travel outside the country is costly and difficult.

But a girl can dream, right?  

-  I'd love to visit Bavaria and experience life there for a few weeks.  I want to eat their amazing food and see the Alps up close on a long hiking trek.

-  I want to tour the Mediterranean, see the Greek Isles, visit France and Spain, and eat overpriced gelatto in Italy.  A cruise ship might be my transport... a nice base to jump off of as I hit the big ports of call.

-  I want to see Alaska, to find Denali in it's beauty, to see a real moose in the wild (not up close!), and to ride with sled dogs across the frozen ground.

-  I want to spend days upon days wandering The Mall in Washington DC: monuments, museums, and other architecture unique to the city and our country.  I especially want to see the Smithsonian, the National Gallery of Art, the Natural and American History museums, the Air and Space Museum, the Library of Congress, Ford's Theater, the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

Travel isn't something important to me, or at least not as important as many, many other things in my life.  When the opportunity arises, sure, I'd love to go.  I'd love to get out of my little valley here and see something new and exciting.  It's just not a possibility right now.  Someday, though... I'll be going places.


Anonymous said...

There is moose in Oregon, I have personally seen them while at work int he far North East Corner of the state, not sure if that even comes close to any thing you would desire to see, but heah we do have moose here!

cm0978 said...

It's so nice to think of the possibilities you have ahead of you. You have a great list of places to go -- be sure to see places and people that represent the real country, not just the tourist, heavily traveled spots. I think having to go to a store for food or personal items is more interesting than just going to the gift shops.