Monday, October 27, 2008

I am now Two with the Box o' Kleenexes

I'm still sick, even sick enough to stay home from work today. My nose is raw. It's all a cold is cracked up to be, plus a little fever on the side for added drama. I haven't had much rest as I can't sleep with my nose plugged. Hopefully tonight will be easier and I'll attempt work tomorrow even if only for half the day.

Wish there was more to report, but I haven't done anything or gone anywhere. Rachel offered to buy me some Kleenex and toss it to my front door from a healthy distance, but that's all the well-wishing I've experienced (except from my mommy, of course). I've Lysol'd my kitchen, desk, and most hard surfaces at least twice today... if anyone wants to stop in and say hi, I'm here and bored. I will try not to sneeze on you!


Anonymous said...

must have been prime conditions in your little snot shack... i've been attacked by your germs. :(

cm0978 said...

I hope The Boy has expressed some feeling for your illness? Shame on him if he hasn't! Here's hoping you get better soon. What about orange juice and some 7-Up just to get a different flavor going?

Jaggy said...

Thanks, sis, for the "snot shack" comment. It's hard to laugh, but somehow you found a way to make me.

And Mr. Wonderful has been as attentive as he can be (I think). He just doesn't have time to run over here and wait on me. Sure, it'd be nice if he could tend to me more, but I have to be reasonable. He said he'd cook dinner tonight, but he's said that the last four times and I've done the cooking... we'll see.

I have graduated to plain water and the occasional Jamba Juice, but I've never been a fruit person. Orange juice is my least favorite of all of them. Now sparking cider and a little vodka... that'll cure a cold, right?

cm0978 said...

By the time you have drunk 4 days' worth of liquids, nothing tastes or looks good. Especially with all that stuff running down your throat!