Friday, October 31, 2008

I haven't used this many exclamation points in months...

Happy Halloween! I'm dressed up as Lois Lane this year since Mr. Wonderful is going as Superman/Clark Kent. Well, I should say that I'm wearing my own clothes, and the hair and make-up isn't exactly a stretch for me. It's a pretty boring costume. But it's a costume (complete with a hand-beaded green necklace that looks like kryptonite)!

Sadly, we did not go to OSUMBC this year. For those in-the-know, they'll remember how much marching band meant to me and how much I love going. This year just didn't work out. I wasn't really in the mood to sit in the stadium for hours upon hours freezing again, and I certainly don't want to pay $10 and only be there for six or seven band performances. *sigh* maybe next year.

Big posts in the works for the coming week including a momentous event regarding this blog and a third Blog Year Retrospective (I'm turning three!). Stay tuned, it's all coming soon!

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