Saturday, October 11, 2008

I want a maple bar, gosh dangit

Saturday morning and there are no good cartoons on anymore. I am displeased. My breakfast included toast today, perfectly toasted buttermilk wheat bread covered in homemade strawberry jam. It's little things like that which make me miss home.

I feel crappy today. Nothing out of the ordinary, just blah. My mind is heavy with wandering thoughts, and my body wants to crawl back into bed where it's warm.

Speaking of warm, I'm forgetting what my fingers feel like. I know I have wall heaters in my apartment, but those are expensive to run. Thus begins my annual freeze. At least this year I have a boy to curl up next to during movies... maybe he'll hold my hands and keep them warm.

Lots to do this weekend, and several good posts to work on for this blog and the new one (plus major changes on both sites). I need to get movin' before Mr. Wonderful comes over and we head out to the bookstore and craft store.

Oh, and one more reason I dislike Corvallis: no Roth's maple bars. How I miss thee!

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MissKris said...

You have a new blog? And where might that one be? Or is it 'open to the public'? You know I'll be hanging out there, too, haha! I still have my 'old' blog but I don't post there any more. I keep thinking if I ever the time, I'm going to go thru it and put the posts I want to keep on a disk. Give it to my kids some day. I used to have a link post there, sending people to my new one but I deleted that a while back. I really don't want the past creeping back on me. That was my putting-old-baggage-to-rest-forever blog. Good luck on your new one. I just read your Meeting the Deacon post and see you mentioned the new one there. So...hopefully you'll share some time soon.