Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ignoring a Cold is a Bad Idea

Back to work today, but I'm drained tonight. From 7am today, I've been running non-stop. The one day I don't want to spend on the phone due to my cold, I end up talking on the phone for hours. I tried to transfer calls off as fast as I could, but people were chatty today. Ugh. And lunch wasn't so good either (company-wise, fine, but food-wise, not so much). When I got home this evening, I tidied up my apartment as fast as I could before a friend came over so I could help him build three costumes for Halloween. We worked extra-speedy and the sewing still took two hours. He'll look fantastic, though, as will two friends. I, on the other hand, don't really know how I'm going to pull off my Lois Lane costume this Friday. Mr. Wonderful wanted to go as Clark Kent/Superman, so my costume was easy to decide on. Picking out what to wear is still a problem... do you have any suggestions?

Oh, and I got my $40 check for filling out the American Institute of Consumer Studies loooooong report booklet. Guess what I'm going to do with the extra money: pay off my medical bill from last month! Sheesh. Stupid bills.

Time for a shower, some reading, and then rest. I'm exhausted.

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The Guy Who Writes This said...

My wife used to tell her patients that it will take either two weeks or 14 days, which ever comes first, to get over a cold.