Friday, October 03, 2008

Now you, too, can reward all my (not so) hard work...

I love books. They're the one thing I never feel guilty about spending money on, and I must admit I buy them more than I should. I'll borrow them when I can, but I really like owning books. My apartment has several bookcases in it, and if I ever have my own house, I'll definitely have hallways or rooms lined in bookcases and books.

Seeing that I love books so much and haven't the money to spend on them, I've devised a not-so-clever way of obtaining them: you! Okay, that's not totally serious, but I do accept gifts. If you scroll down a bit on the left-hand menu, you'll see the logo and a link to my very own Amazon Wish List.

Of course, you are under no obligation to buy me books. This is not a hint. People have asked me what I might want for my birthday (a month from today), and this was the easiest way for me to inform everyone: I want books. Well, there are other things I want, too, but viewing my fleece needs for the next year aren't nearly as exciting.

Feel free to browse my list, send me comments or book suggestions here on the blog, or ignore me completely. I just thought I'd make a note about the link in case anyone wondered what it was. If you need an address to send me books, I will provide a shipping address, not my personal address, via e-mail only. Send me a comment with your e-mail, and I won't approve the comment. I will, then, e-mail you an appropriate shipping address.

Oh, how I love books!

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