Sunday, October 12, 2008

School Pride

My hands hurt from beading today, and I am tired of having my hair in my face. I will admit, the one good thing about longer hair is the ability to pull it back.

In other news, I tweaked my blog code here, so now the text fills up more of the page. I also changed my picture at the top to a newer one that my boyfriend took of me.

Last night, I went to my boyfriend's old high school for a fundraising event. It is interesting to see how different and how similar his private school is compared to my public school. A few things were pretty cool (their gymnasiums were fantastic!), but I guess I'll always have a thing for walls that are too thin, mismatched floor tiles, and character that old buildings have. Like the old 100's wing of modular classrooms from the 1970's with sloping floors, funky smells, and broken overhead projectors... or the "elevator passes" that freshmen got with their welcome kits (the high school only has one floor). Two very different cultures both designed to do the same thing: prepare kids for the next step in life. I'm sure they each have their benefits and drawbacks. My boyfriend has a huge amount of pride over where he grew up, and rightly so: his high school is truly beautiful. I'm a public school brat, though, and I wouldn't trade my education for anything.

Still working on the 2nd blog. I'll have a link up as soon as I can. It's not that exciting, honestly... I just don't want to share until things are at least out of the construction zone.


Anonymous said...

heh, i heard this on the radio once:

the shortest distance from "a" to "b" is usually under construction!

ha ha, i thought it was funny.

Michael said...

The beauty of that school was a long time in coming. I agree about character, and you missed seeing some of the stuff that's now covered up.
You missed having to be careful of the parking lot sinkhole. You missed the weeping wall and the opportunity to get a staph infection from the orange carpet on the gym floor. The soccer field would flood. The school gatherings used my guitar amplifier as a PA system. Our computer lab used a 386 for a server, and we used 286 computers to learn turbo pascal (I skipped that class since I had a Pentium 90 at home). Some of us had the privilege of going to McKay for science classes because they had a fancy science lab (no one had given us cutting-edge equipment from the 70s).
Sometimes I go back to shake a friendly fist at the brats running around with the extravagances of lockers, new books, etc. I'm glad I could help make it happen, even if it made me miss out. :)

See if you can take a trip through St. Joseph grade school sometime, they haven't really changed that place yet and I think you'd really like it. If you're lucky, Kevin can show you the flush of doom, too.