Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snot Cental, Jaggy speaking, how may I direct your cold?

My sore throat is gone, but it has been replaced by a mountain of unruly, well... let's just say I have become one with the box of Kleenex lately. Yesterday was long and not so fun. I didn't do much but hang out in bed until 3pm, and then I had to get up and ready to go to a get-together with some cousins in Albany. The Boy came with me, and I'm thankful he was able to experience a low-key evening after studying all day. We stopped at my parents' house briefly before heading back home. After sitting near the campfire all evening, I told my boyfriend I wanted a shower. He started a movie, and once I was clean and comfy with my head in his lap, I swear I was only awake about ten seconds. I don't even remember him leaving after his movie ended.

Speaking of movies, we went to see Pride and Glory on opening night. I'd give it two stars. The movie was okay, and it ends well, but the story seems pretty tired. The acting was fairly subdued, the action was a bit fake, and the drama was too intense for me.

Today, I'm mostly hanging out between my bed and my TV, sometimes resting, sometimes trying to be productive. I am chasing my cough drops with more cough drops, and I don't think any more soup or hot cider will fit in me. Even attempting to drink a Diet Coke last night was a relief to the hot stuff. The bubbles went up my nose--and let me tell you, fizzy snot is an experience I won't soon forget. Hey, you're just reading about it. I lived it!

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