Thursday, October 02, 2008

This is the Song that Never Ends

There I was, casually reading the nutrition facts on a can of cream of chicken, just minding my own business as I shopped. The music faded out. The store quieted for no apparent reason. I looked up, and then it started: "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone..." I stuffed the can back with its friends on the crowded shelf, tried to plug my ears, and walked out of the store. I can't stand that song.

My dislike began in 9th grade during the fall. The marching band incorporated the song into our field show, and we practiced it day-after-day for weeks. As a flute player, I got the melody. Since I'd never heard the song before, I didn't really know the words. About halfway through the season, though, I was informed that this "classic" song had lyrics and that I needed to know them. I maintain that I didn't, and unfortunately I still do.

If I hear the song in a store, I'll leave. I'll turn off the TV or radio. I'll clamp my hands over my ears to prevent it from becoming eternally lodged there between them. My gut hurts just hearing the melody. I can't stand that song!

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Anonymous said...

:) i like that song...