Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Adventures of Rachel and Jaggy, Volume III

It's a little-known fact that Rachel and I have the ability to instant message each other while we're at work. We work in the same place, approximately fifty feet apart, and have the ability to get up and talk to each other face-to-face. Sometimes, though, while sitting at our computers over the course of our 8-hour workdays, we find ways to amuse ourselves and each other. What follows are several snippets of conversations we've had in the last six months. If you don't get them, I apologize. Rachel and I think it's hilarious!

Rachel: Good morning. Is my sticky-tack here yet?
Jaggy: Hi.
Rachel: :D
Jaggy: Shortly. I see a big truck outside on the dock, so maybe!
Rachel: I'm reading about potatoes and am bored already. Really? I was just harassing you because I was bored. How funny would it be to have a job title "potato DNA fingerprinter..."
Jaggy: LOL

Rachel: Repeat after me... "I will be productive"
Jaggy: I will be productive. Maybe.

Rachel: Why do strange people come into my office and talk to me? Just walk through, get your supplies, and leave. I don’t care who you are, who you know, or who you think I am!
Jaggy: Hehehe, what about me? or am I not "strange people"?
Rachel: No not you. Other people. But you are strange.

Rachel: I am pretty sure I have nothing to do all afternoon.
Jaggy: :(
Rachel: I brought my sandwich in my office, and now it smells like tuna.
Jaggy: eew
Rachel: Do we have a weed code for prickly pear? It's in my weed book...
Jaggy: uh...
Rachel: Do you think that they make marsh mallows from musk mallows?
Jaggy: No, and no code for prickly pear.
Rachel: Sad... I should see about adding one.
Jaggy: You have seen prickly pears in fields?! That's nuts! Now I get to copy/paste into form letters--oh joy!
Rachel: I need something to do! Let me copy and paste!

Rachel: I made it through the D's. Small flowered deervetch? Are you kidding me?
Jaggy: What?
Rachel: It’s a weed with a ridiculously long name! Just call it fluffy weed for gosh sakes. I found another cookie. But I'm forcing myself to eat an apple first... then cookie.

Rachel: It’s almost lunch. lunch. lunch. lunch "Hi floor, Make me a sammich"
Jaggy: ROFL [“rolling on the floor, laughing”]
Rachel: You always laugh at me, and I’m pretty sure you aren't rolling on the floor.
Jaggy: I might be, you don't know.
Rachel: Oh, I know. I would hear you fall out of your chair.
Jaggy: hehehe

Rachel: It scares me that he uses pink ink. What is more disturbing is that it comes out of a purple pen...
Jaggy: ROFL
Rachel: Seriously! If a pen is blue, then it has blue ink. If a pen is red, then it has red ink. If a pen is purple, then it should have purple ink!
Jaggy: You should tell him that.
Rachel: I did tell him. I have coffee spilt down my shirt. I'm classy like that...
Jaggy: Well done!
Rachel: :D

Rachel: I’m reading about potato diseases... so exciting.
Jaggy: Makes you want to eat them, doesn't it?
Rachel: Actually... it kind of does. Makes me think of all the yummy ways you can cook them: tater tots, french fries, fried potatoes, breakfast potatoes, hashbrowns…
Jaggy: ...baked, boiled...
Rachel: ...sweet potatoe pie...
Jaggy: ...stewed...
Rachel: …mashed, garlic mashed, red baby mashed, creamed new potoaoes. I can't even spell potatoes! I’ve spelled it like 5 different ways. I’m so hungry now!

Rachel: BRILLIANT! I have an idea!!!
Jaggy: What is your idea?
Rachel: I totally just hit myself in the head with my phone.
Jaggy: Good idea!
Rachel: It hurt. Right on the cheek bone.
Jaggy: LOL

Rachel: I found a four leaf clover yesterday, but then in the excitement of the power outage I lost it.
Jaggy: hehehe
Rachel: It's not funny. It’s very sad. My first step into a clover field and I found a four leaf clover--it was such a good omen!

Rachel: I need to go home. I just tried to take out a photo copied staple. Not once, not twice, but three times before I realized it wasn’t really there.
Jaggy: Wow, you do need to go home.
Rachel: In my defense, they do look really realistic.


Anonymous said...

A little off topic, but I loved the Zim reference in the conversations!!!

MissKris said...

Just stopping by to wish you and your loved ones a Happy Thanksgiving, Jaggy! (((((HUG))))) Even tho I kinda wonder if you're not much of a 'hugger' like I'm not, either, but every now and then I gotta throw one out there! ;-D