Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ain't no dainty girl here...

My boyfriend started it, and my coworkers have confirmed it: I am loud when I blow my nose. Not quiet, not even slightly noisy, but elk-calling-loud. I wish I could help it. I don't mean to be so loud. But being quiet and dainty doesn't get the job done.

Growing up, I remember hearing my father blow his nose. He's a normal-sized (tallish) guy, but when he got a-blowin', you'd better hold your ears. He can trumpet with the best of 'em. If I call Mom and Dad blows his nose in the background (and two rooms away), I always tell Mom, "oop, tell Dad hi, I just heard him."

So maybe it's genetic. Maybe I'm following in my father's nose-blowing footsteps. Seeing that he has big footsteps, I'm going to have to up my game if I'm ever going to compete.

But the loud blows aren't just me: my cold was pretty bad. I was blowin' for two weeks solid. I've had nose bleeds due to my nasal passages being so dried out. I'm finally to a point now where I am not carrying a box of Kleenex. Seriously, it's not all my fault.

Genetics or illness, whatever the case, I will never be known as a dainty woman. I might practice being more quiet, but I doubt it will help. So please don't worry next time you think you hear an elk: it might just be me with a cold. Or it might really be an elk. In which case, I suggest you run.

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