Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Birthday Thanks

My 25th birthday was quiet, but it was definitely celebrated in many places. I'd like to extend thanks to everyone who wished me the best, especially those who took me to lunch or dinner in the last three days. I haven't had to cook since Thursday of last week (with the exception of one small meal of mac and cheese). Thanks to Matthew and Grace for coming to Corvallis and being able to spend time with Kevin and me. Thanks to Mom and Dad for new shoes and clothes. And extra-special thanks to Mr. Oh-SO-Wonderful for surprising me with a dozen red roses that were waiting for me when I got home yesterday from work, the accompanying hand-written (and hand-cut-out) card, and dinner.

I know birthdays don't mean much to some people, but mine are important to me. I like them. I like being able to say that I'm a year older. Age should be embraced. And I feel blessed in my "old" age!

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