Friday, November 07, 2008

Blog Year Retrospective #3

Three years, over 1000 posts, and too many great events to recount in one short entry. I never could have imagined I’d have enough to say about myself over three years, but the words keep falling from my fingertips. How much has happened in the last year?

I’ve been living in my own apartment just over a year now, and figuring out how to balance a social life with work and other responsibilities wasn’t easy. I’ve explored new ideas, met new people, and grown more than I could have imagined.

Toward the end of last year, I created a new website for my job, a task I’d never undertaken before, and I’m thrilled with how well the site has been received. I’ve tweaked it a bit, and I keep it updated, so I feel almost “official” as a webmaster now. Work saw some great changes in the last year as my best girl friend was hired to work at the same agency. Now I get to see Rachel every day instead of once a month! And, within the last few weeks, my promotion and raise have gone through almost all of the proper channels: I should be reclassified by the end of the month.

The turn of the year was difficult for my family as my grandfather passed away after several years struggling with Parkinson’s Disease and other ailments. Even now, so many months later, writing about it is hard. I am reminded of him every so often through family members, through events, and the lack of his presence in our lives.

I’m told that 2008 was the year of the weddings, and my friends did not disappoint me in the last twelve months. Matthew got hitched in mid-December, and Rachel and Jessie tied the knot in August. Over the summer, my boyfriend and I attended a handful of other weddings this summer. We have friends who are recently engaged, some that will soon be engaged… it’s all about weddings this year!

My hobbies haven’t changed much, but I’ve been able to find time to pursue reading, photography, and beading more lately. I’ve blogged about my different book choices, and I’ve spoken about my beading projects here and there. Of course, my photography appears as much as possible. I wish I had more time, but between work and play, some of my hobbies have taken a back seat.

Dancing, that energizing and exhausting bit o’ fun I’ve been consumed with for almost three years, has also waxed and waned in the past months. I managed to get up to Portland a time or two for some dancing, and I haven’t missed the bigger dances at OSU. Last November and December, I had the lucky opportunity to work with another dancer and teach some lessons to a group of adults. The lessons went well, and I can officially claim my status as a “paid professional” now.

Through teaching those lessons and by spending time and more energy than I thought possible going after some guy, I managed to land myself a boyfriend. It took cooking for him, cleaning and encouraging, and outright sneakiness to get him to notice me. In May, we (finally?) became a couple. Since then, I haven’t stopped cooking or cleaning, and he hasn’t left me, so I figure I’m doing something right… ;)

Through all of that, I have blogged endlessly. All of the events of my life have been carefully recorded, each detail labored over (ha!), and every name mentioned. ORblogs shut down leaving me without a community, but Porblogs recently came about, so I'm excited to see who I can reconnect with in the blogosphere. My blog consumes time and probably too much energy, but having a blog that is meaningful and insightful (at least once in a while) is important to me. I have updated the look around here, and I’ve reorganized a few things, but the focus is still all about my life and adventures.

A long chain of events sparked what has been the largest undertaking since I started college six years ago. I began learning about religions, specifically Christianity and the Catholic roots of Protestantism. I scoured the Internet for information, read volumes of notes and people’s opinions. The experience has been both positive and negative, and I know I’ve definitely changed as a result of the project. A summary of those changes and my religious life will be posted in January as I reach that anniversary. However, seeing that I don’t like pushing religion on my readers in any way, I’ve opted to start a second blog dedicated to the topic. Talk about being a hardcore blogger!

The year has been long, but I think it has been a good one. I’ve laughed a lot, cried some, shared great experiences with fun people, and gained an incredible amount of knowledge and some wisdom about life, love, and what it means to live for someone else more than myself.

Happy three years, and thanks so much for coming back to read again!

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